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...monitored but no insurance so you hope + pray that you are in the 20% percent that won't have another, needing a stent + a $10,000 bill to break it... Read more
...a family of two, it’s $15,510; for three, it’s $19,530; and for four people, $23,550). The other group of questioners were a little harder to answer. Cindy asked, “Is it... Read more
...Atlanta <strong>com</strong>munity to be educated about TB, since we have missed sharing this knowledge by not investing in <strong>com</strong>prehensive, patient focused tb programs across the country. Meet this challenge with... Read more
Expelling tobacco: More Georgia colleges tighten rules to clear the air
...ago. Here's a CNN story from 2007 about it: http://<strong>www</strong>.cnn.<strong>com</strong>/2007/HEALTH/11/<strong>12</strong>/hm.smokefree.campus/ Concerned Vaper I take issue with the ban of electronic cigarettes which are not in any way tobacco products;they merely... Read more
...of these medical facilities. Imagine the money they have accumulated over the years just because of misrepresentation. There is a big possibility that they did that on purpose. - http://<strong>www</strong>.medval.<strong>com</strong>/... Read more

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