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...are 10 strategic considerations of the U.S. Supreme Court upholding PPACA. http://<strong>www</strong>.healthcaretownhall.<strong>com</strong>/?p=5632 C. Edward Grogan. R.Ph. Here we are ,once again ,spouting idealistic rhetoric focusing only on the end and... Read more
State finds many valid complaints against health insurers
...of 1.87. An Anthem spokeswoman said Tuesday that the <strong>com</strong>pany was reviewing the data. Ambetter of Peach State had total <strong>com</strong>plaint and confirmed <strong>com</strong>plaint ratios of 1.81 and 1.31, respectively.... Read more
...a statement. Chambless pointed out that the legislation is supported by the Georgia Alliance of <strong>Com</strong>munity Hospitals and Georgia Hospital Association. Since the deal was <strong>com</strong>pleted in December 2011, Phoebe... Read more
Southwest Georgia hospital treating wave of COVID-19 patients
Charles So, by my count, about 100 cases in a cluster around Albany. This makes it potentially one of the worst clusters in the nation if the tests <strong>com</strong>e back... Read more
Metro Atlanta at the center of a burgeoning HIV crisis
...says, his viral load went from above 100,000 to undetectable. A recent study estimates the average lifetime cost of $326,500 for HIV-related care for a person diagnosed at age 35,... Read more

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