Autistic 10-year-old abandoned by mother, police say
A 42-year-old Marietta mother left her 10-year-old Autistic son in their house littered with feces, drugs, syringes and weapons under the care of a 19-year-old “family friend,” police say. Jennifer Dawn Barnes traveled to Indiana on Oct. 3 without telling anyone when she’d be back and returned to Marietta... Read more
Surgeon General praises Macon for opioid fight
Surgeon General Jerome Adams commended the Macon community for developing partnerships that have been successful in addressing the opioid issue. He encouraged different groups to continue working together, saying the tragedy of the epidemic could be turned into an opportunity. Read the full article: Macon Telegraph Read more
Support group hears expert on Parkinson’s medication
Kelly Papesh, a nurse practitioner at the Cleveland Clinic, visited the Newnan Parkinson’s Support Group to talk about medication for the disease and “on” and “off” states. An off-state is the period when the effects of the medication gradually diminish or stop working. An on-state is when the effects of... Read more
Two families share their experiences with senior care facilities
Three years have passed, but Judith Kaufman still can’t get beyond what befell her 97-year-old mother at a Dunwoody assisted living facility’s weekly church outing. Read the full article: Read more
Children’s Healthcare nurse retires after 50 years
A Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta nurse has retired after 50 years. The hospital posted a heartfelt message to Mildred, a nurse they consider nothing less than a “legend.” Read the full article:  Read more

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