Lee County hospital ‘on the clock’ with new deadline
Billy Mathis admits that the challenge presented to the Lee County officials and private individuals who remain hell-bent and determined to build a hospital in the county is a daunting one … actually, an insurmountable one. Talking about the glimmer of hope that the Department of Public Health gave... Read more
Democrats renew calls to include Medicaid expansion in special session
State legislative Democrats are holding a series of events through Tuesday to pressure Gov. Brian Kemp to include Medicaid expansion in the upcoming special legislative session. The session will convene Nov. 3 to redraw Georgia’s congressional and state House and Senate districts to accommodate population shifts during the last... Read more
What changes Northeast Georgia will keep in place after pandemic
Even after the COVID-19 pandemic calms, the Northeast Georgia Health System plans to increase its critical care capacity. The health system was forced to serve patients in unconventional places during the biggest waves of the pandemic, including providing care in the back of ambulances, in hallways and in outdoor mobile units. Read... Read more
Georgia Power draws ire over coal ash plan in Bartow
Georgia Power drew heavy criticism Thursday night over plans to bury more than 20 million cubic yards of coal ash at its Plant Bowen in Bartow County. “Please don’t gamble with our lives,” Vicki Freeman of Atlanta pleaded during an online public hearing on the proposal. “Mandate that Georgia... Read more
UGA senior dies of Covid-19 complications
A University of Georgia student and Perry native died on Monday due to complications from COVID-19. According to his obituary, Shawn Kuhn, a senior majoring in exercise and sports science, passed away after battling COVID-19-based pneumonia for about six weeks. His sister Sharla Brook Kuhn says he was fully... Read more

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