‘Scary’ pay cuts loom for doctors

Johnny Peeples has practiced as a pediatrician in the central Georgia town of Eastman for 20 years. He’s there for the long haul. “I’m going to hang in there one way or another,’’ he says.

The economics of his practice, though, can appear daunting, especially with about two-thirds of his patients having government Medicaid or PeachCare insurance.

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Get with the plan? I thought I did
My two recent exchanges with my health plan were bizarre at best – and irritating at worst. Let me first explain that I have good health insurance coverage. I won’t name the plan, but it’s one of the biggies, and while the policy keeps going up in price, it’s... Read more
Georgia pact ‘sends message’ to nation

Three years ago, Alan Judd and I wrote a series of articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that detailed numerous (and often deadly) problems in the state-run mental hospitals. We also reported that thousands of patients were discharged to homeless shelters, where they would be likely to cycle right back into the overcrowded, understaffed hospitals.

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