Georgia food banks strained with more in need
A new type of person has been requesting food at the Decatur Cooperative Ministry: professionals. They include teachers, paralegals, even some of the nonprofit’s own former volunteers, says Cliff Richards, program manager of Project Take Charge, part of the Decatur organization. “In the last year and a half, I’ve... Read more
Fake patients train as performers, help future doctors learn skills (video)
Medical students at the new Georgia Health Sciences University campus in Athens have a lot more drama in their lives these days. They’re interviewing and examining fake patients who have been trained to simulate signs and symptoms of illness using the same techniques as actors on TV. A team... Read more
Deaths of sleeping babies are tragic — and mostly preventable
New parents never lack for reasons to be afraid. And they have some justification: Unlike many animals, whose young can walk or swim within hours, children remain defenseless and vulnerable for years. Polio was the nightmare of parents for generations. But in the 1980s, parents were gripped by a... Read more
Free clinics face rising demand in services to uninsured
The clinic’s waiting room filled up quickly Wednesday morning, and there were still more patients waiting outside, sitting on the porch of the converted home. Good Shepherd Clinic, which provides free medical services to the uninsured of Clayton County, is a busy place every Monday and Wednesday, the only... Read more
The nurse’s offices at two elementary schools in South Georgia are on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to delivering health care in rural areas of America. This fall, the students, faculty and staff returning to school in the small town of Nashville in Berrien County  have access... Read more

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