Stem cells may show promise on Lou Gehrig’s disease (video)
Lou Gehrig’s disease is a fatal neurodegenerative disease with no known cure, named for the famed New York Yankees first baseman who died from the illness. Emory University researchers are working with a Maryland biotech firm, Neuralstem, to use neural stem cells to treat patients with the disease, formally... Read more
Researcher looks at roots of health disparities (video)
A cardiologist has returned to his home turf to study a disease that exacts a major toll in Georgia, especially for blacks. Cardiovascular disease causes 20 percent of all deaths in Georgia, but it’s responsible for 30 percent of deaths of black Georgians, according to the Georgia Department of... Read more
Veggie Van delivers nutritious options to folks in ‘food deserts’
Twice a week, a retrofitted ambulance heads out into Macon neighborhoods. Instead of bringing emergency medical care, though, the recently launched Veggie Van carries fresh fruits and vegetables. And the intended customers for this nutritious fare are residents of areas known as “food deserts.’’ These areas lack access to... Read more
Poor county is rich in lessons for med students (video)
This fall, 40 young doctors-in-training visited local clinics throughout impoverished Athens, mainly just to sit and hear what patients have to say. “We’ve all had experiences going to doctors who don’t listen; we want to train doctors who listen,” said Dr. Clive Slaughter, who organizes community training for medical... Read more
AIDS map adds Georgia data, much of it grim
An interactive online map that gives a stark portrait of HIV and AIDS across the country now includes new data about the disease in Georgia. Last week, the AIDSVu map ( added information on the age, sex and race of people with HIV in Georgia. HIV is the virus... Read more

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