Rural hospitals: A new crisis on top of the old one
Georgia’s rural hospitals have faced financial challenges for a long time. Even the recent economic boom was not enough to pull them out of the ditch. Now things may get even worse. The COVID-19 pandemic is both a medical crisis and an economic shock, and in Georgia, the state’s... Read more
Quiet but not calm in a virus ‘ghost town’
By Madeline Laguaite  Peter Dale, a restaurateur and chef born and raised in Athens, had never seen anything like it. On Monday, the streets of Athens were empty. The University of Georgia’s campus was silent. “Last week, UGA was on spring break, so it was already a quiet week.... Read more
Smoked-filled rooms — where surgery is done
Brenda Ulmer, a longtime operating room nurse, was walking to her car after one of her shifts when she suddenly realized she didn’t feel well. “My chest felt tight, my throat hurt, my nose was burning,” recalls Ulmer, who lives in the Atlanta suburb of Snellville. She was feeling sick... Read more
From a scare in Shanghai to a quarantine in Georgia
By Jillian Tracy, Madeline Laguaite, Brittany Carter and Andi Clements Before traveling to China in late January, Holly Bik and her husband watched countless news reports and read as much as they could about the novel coronavirus, which had been detected in the country a few weeks earlier. Bik’s... Read more
County offers clean drinking water to residents near Scherer

Over the past month, people in the Georgia town of Juliette have expressed fears that nearby Plant Scherer, America’s largest coal-fired plant, has caused their water to be contaminated with coal ash. Their outcry, along with a flood of statewide media coverage, has led local officials to offer free water to any local residents who need it.

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