TV broadcasters to stop taking e-cigarette ads
Major broadcast companies including CBS, Viacom, and WarnerMedia say they are pulling ads by e-cigarette makers, as concerns over growing teen use of the products and the hundreds of cases of illnesses linked to vaping continue to mount. Read more
Air ambulances woo rural customers with memberships
Nationwide, though, state insurance leaders, politicians and even one of the nation’s largest air ambulance companies have raised concerns about the slickly marketed membership campaigns. The memberships often don’t include every ambulance company in an area, and the choice of which medevac service answers a call is out of... Read more
Do you need all those meds?
Overmedication is a health hazard for older adults that their doctors can often overlook. “It’s easier for doctors to simply start another medication than it is for them to evaluate each medication,” says Leah Rorvig, a geriatrician and an assistant professor of medicine at the University of California, San... Read more
Study questions mainstay treatment for mild asthma
Steroid inhalers commonly used to prevent asthma attacks may not work any better than a placebo for many people with mild asthma, according to recent research. Read more
Five ways to cope in wake of trauma
The idea that an act of violence could happen anywhere makes us anxious. People may think twice about attending a music festival or walking into a WalMart. But there are strategies to counter the fear — and move forward. Read more

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