Safe pregnancy as COVID-19 surges
How worried should expecting parents be about any extra risks the coronavirus might pose to the mom or developing fetus? The answer and advice may continue to change, public health officials say, as the evidence rolls in. Read more
Here’s how to help kids deal with COVID stress
What parents need to be on the lookout for are behavior changes that affect day-to-day functioning. This includes things like eating, sleeping and interactions with friends. Read more
The need for more African-American mental health workers
The need for mental health support is more evident than ever, especially among Black Americans, say people who study and experience the burden of racism. People of color were already dealing with heavy loads from a pandemic that continues to claim a greater proportion of Black, Latino and Native American... Read more
Insurers may only pay for tests when ‘medically necessary’
The Families First Coronavirus Response Act passed by Congress requires health plans to fully pay for testing deemed “medically necessary.” But as testing expands enough to allow people without symptoms to be tested, a gray area is beginning to appear. The coverage mandate can be up to interpretation. Read more
Keeping coronavirus and OCD at bay
One in 40 adults and 1 in 100 children in the United States cope with OCD on a daily basis, according to the National Institutes of Mental Health. There are different flavors of OCD with different degrees and different types of obsessions and compulsions, including what people may have seen on... Read more

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