Alcohol problems grow as booze gets a bigger kick
Americans may not be drinking much more than they used to — but they’re drinking more potent stuff. And that trend toward higher-alcohol drinks may be part of what’s driving an increase in alcohol-related deaths and illnesses, according to new research. Read more
Racial disparities in cancer rates are narrowing
For decades, the rate of cancer incidence and deaths from the disease among African-Americans in the United States far outpaced that of whites. But the most recent analysis of national data by the American Cancer Society suggests that “cancer gap” is shrinking: In recent years, death rates from four... Read more
Preventing pregnancy-related depression
Doctors can and should do more to prevent depression among pregnant women and new mothers by referring them to counseling. That’s the recommendation of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an influential panel of clinicians and researchers that makes recommendations for patient care. Read more
Scientists working on ways to swap needle for a pill
Many vaccines and some medicines, such as insulin, have to be delivered by injection. That’s a pain, both for patients and for health care providers. But two groups of researchers are trying to put some of these medications in pill form to avoid the needle. Read more
How to stay safe in extreme cold
Frostbite’s damage to skin and underlying tissue is the most common injury resulting from exposure to severe cold, and it usually occurs on the body’s extremities — fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin. Read more

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