The costs of long-term care can be enormous. Yet Americans are buying fewer insurance policies to cover those expenses. The New York Times’ Ron Lieber reviews the reasons Read more
This regular feature of Georgia Health News will answer questions about the impact of national health care reform. Q: How will the Affordable Care Act affect my special-needs child, who has autism ? S, from Atlanta A:      Autism isn’t mentioned in the 2,000-plus page Affordable Care Act. The advocacy... Read more
Georgians with health insurance through their work are likely to see significant increases in monthly premiums, annual deductibles and/or co-pays when they peruse their open enrollment materials. Large employers in Atlanta project an 8.7 percent increase Read more
About 10 million Americans now have high-deductible health plans that feature health savings accounts. These arrangements allow people to sock away pre-tax money Read more
Last year, my father died at age 88. And while he spoke of having a living will, he never got around to doing one.  That presented a quandary for my brothers and me, Read more

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