It’s never too late for baby boomers and people in older generation groups to start a regular exercise routine, USA Today points out. Read more
As people age, their ability to focus on objects up close deteriorates. This condition, called presbyopia, generally starts in the mid-40s. The New York Times’  ‘Patient Money’ column explains treatment options and how to pay for them. Read more
More Americans have health plans with high deductibles, and these plans do reduce medical spending.  But a Rand Corp. study also finds that with plans having deductibles of more than $1,000, consumers also cut back on important preventive services, such as immunizations and cancer screenings, the Wall Street Journal... Read more
The FDA warns consumers about using supplements and other products that claim to treat or prevent health effects from radiation exposure but are not approved for those purposes, in a Consumer Reports article. Read more
As their work stoppage progresses, NFL players are now paying for health insurance and the costs of training. They are finding these price tags aren’t cheap, the Washington Post reports. Read more

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