On June 5, 1981, five cases of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, an often fatal and rare infection, were reported to the CDC. Very rapidly, the CDC’s epidemiologic investigations indicated a pattern of fatal infections and cancers caused by a breakdown of the immune system that was termed acquired immune deficiency... Read more
Frightening seniors about Medicare changes is often referred to as Medi-scare. But all Americans should be scared — into action.  The Medicare Trustees Report projects Medicare’s hospital insurance fund will run out of money in 2024. Federal budget deficits are projected to exceed $1 trillion annually, and Standard & Poor’s recently downgraded... Read more
The Patient Protection and Affordability Act (PPACA) – the health care reform law – allows for continued use of health personal care accounts and expands an employer’s ability to use incentives based on individual health status. While these insurance options may not be the focus of the act, they... Read more
“So what’s new?” the reporter asked. “Haven’t we heard this all before?” His inquiry was striking in its simplicity, yet it was a harsh wake-up call to reality.  His question came at the end of a recent press conference at the state Capitol where physicians, public health professionals and... Read more
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