Waiver proposals promise new era in Georgia health 
By Gov. Brian Kemp  Georgia is experiencing historic job growth and unmatched economic opportunity in every corner of the state. Participation in the job market is at record highs, unemployment recently dropped to a 20-year low, and we were named the “#1 State for Business” for the seventh year... Read more
Health reform plans would spend a lot for very little
By Dr. Harry Heiman Last month, Gov. Brian Kemp revealed two new health care waiver proposals. While they were presented as Georgia-focused solutions to improve health care access and affordability, the current proposals fail to meaningfully address either problem. Unfortunately, our state leadership is missing an opportunity to expand... Read more
Georgia patients deserve relief from rising drug prices
By Della “Trip” Stoner Price gouging by large, brand-name pharmaceutical companies has sparked a crisis of affordability for Georgia patients — a crisis that demands action from our elected officials in Washington. Insulin, a medication that I, like the approximately 1.1 million other Georgians living with diabetes, need every day to... Read more
Defuse the ticking time bomb of Lyme disease
By Gerald Arkin It’s been about a year since my daughter was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. More precisely the diagnosis was tertiary, or third stage, meaning she went undiagnosed for years after being bitten by an infected tick. Prior to her diagnosis, there were years of doctor appointments... Read more
We must fix federal drug discount program
By State Rep. Kim Schofield Federally sponsored health care programs often start with the best intentions and have the potential to be successful in reducing the cost of quality health care across the nation. The 340B Drug Discount Program was created by Congress in 1992. The program requires that... Read more

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