Georgia’s COVID-19 reporting needs a major reboot
By Aaron D. Levine The national media have latched on to a recent Georgia Department of Public Health (GaDPH) chart that plotted dates in a confusing and potentially misleading order to mock the state and suggest it is cooking the books. Whether political considerations are interfering with public health... Read more
This crisis is hard on our mental health 
By Jack Bernard and Dr. Doug Skelton Government policies on “lockdown” and “reopening” are controversial, sometimes political. But however one feels about such specific issues, there is a real scientific basis for people’s anxiety during this time of COVID-19.  For ordinary people, the fear of the virus itself produces stress. People also... Read more
Georgia is probably reopening too soon
By Dr. George Leach Gov. Brian Kemp announced last week initial steps aimed at reopening Georgia’s economy.  Beginning last Friday, his order allowed gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, body art studios, barbers, cosmetologist, hair designers, nail care artists, estheticians and massage therapists to resume business, provided they comply with... Read more
Protect the most vulnerable from COVID-19 
By Dr. Shelby R. Wilkes With the rising number of cases in the United States and especially in hot spots such as New York City, Chicago and New Orleans, the imperative for access to testing and health care equity for all Americans is critical in the present pandemic of... Read more
We’re at war, and PPE is doctors’ body armor
This Commentary was first published by the Philadelphia Inquirer By Fatima Syed, Deep Shah and Ravi Parikh Just a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic, many U.S. physicians feel that they are at war. War metaphors are now being invoked across the country. The president of the United States... Read more

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