Congress’ pattern of procrastination has led to a series of fiscally irresponsible compromises that threaten Medicare’s physician foundation and endanger access to care for more than 40 million seniors, veterans and military families. Unless Congress acts, Medicare payments are scheduled to be slashed by 27 percent on March 1, and... Read more
Lack of trauma care remains the single most critical issue facing our state. The hard reality is that Georgia still needs a dedicated revenue stream to upgrade and expand its trauma center network. Thirty-three states have found ways to permanently fund trauma care, but our state lags behind. Here... Read more

What if….?

Commentary January 13, 2012 4

”HIGH COURT KILLS HEALTH REFORM LAW — NOW WHAT?” In July 2012, that just might be the headline that throws the country into turmoil. Everyone is wondering whether the 26-state challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will succeed. But a bigger question is: If it succeeds,... Read more
Almost 14 years ago, I lost my oldest brother, Jim, to medical errors. Jim walked into a hospital at 2 a.m., complaining of severe chest, shoulder, neck and stomach pain — classic signs of a heart attack. But because he was only 39 years old and in seemingly excellent... Read more
On Dec. 15, the advisory committee appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal to make recommendations about whether Georgia should establish a health insurance exchange released its final report. The health insurance exchange concept — essentially a mechanism akin to a health insurance shopping mall designed to better facilitate consumer choice... Read more

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