The CDC reports on 111 cases of acute illnesses, including one death, associated with excessive use or misuse of  pesticides in fighting bed bugs, according to a Wall Street Journal article. Read more
Harvard public health officials say the USDA’s healthy food plate has flaws that include potatoes. Here’s Harvard’s menu for healthy eating, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. Read more
A study pitted a hospital sign stating that ‘Hand hygiene prevents you from catching diseases’ against one stating that ‘Hand hygiene prevents patients from catching diseases.’  The Wall Street Journal reports the study results on hand washing. Read more
With increasing concern about adolescent depression and suicide, more U.S. schools are turning to voluntary screening tests to identify those at risk and, if necessary, help them get treatment, the Wall Street Journal reports. Read more
Tuesday’s earthquake prompted lots of tweeting and phone calls. Beyond the electronic communications, the Wall Street Journal gives some tips on what to do during an earthquake. Read more

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