Complaints of celiac disease are on the rise, with more and more people growing ill from exposure to products containing gluten. A USA Today article looks at reasons for the increase and at the importance of screening for the disease. Read more
A record shortage of prescription drugs — including vital medications used in surgery and chemotherapy — has prompted marketers to stockpile hard-to-find drugs and attempt to sell them back to hospitals at up to 50 times their normal prices, a USA Today article says. Read more
New research shows teens will feel full longer and may get less hungry throughout the day if  their first meal has protein-rich foods. Those include eggs, Greek yogurt, low-fat dairy products or lean meat, and fiber-filled fare, such whole-wheat bread, whole-grain cereal, fruit and vegetables, a USA Today article... Read more
The Southeast has been known as the Stroke Belt for decades, but new research also reveals residents here are also at greater risk for sepsis, a severe illness in which bacteria overwhelms the bloodstream. USA Today/HealthDay reports on the study’s findings. Read more
Adult children struggle to take care of aging parents, and sometimes grandparents, and their medical needs. USA Today points out that it’s best to have regular, frank conversations with a parent about medical issues before an emergency occurs. Read more

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