Georgia’s tobacco tax: Unusually low and tough to change
After smoking on and off for more than 12 years, Atlanta native Katie Moore may have finally kicked the habit for good. How did she do it? By moving 880 miles away, to New York, where the state tobacco tax is the highest in the country — $4.35 a... Read more
Why free clinics help more than just their patients (video)
Tiffany Miller was supposed to drive her 15-year-old daughter to a birthday party. But before the mother of five even made it out the door, she suddenly collapsed and lost all muscle control. Panicked, Miller’s daughter tried to give her mother her medicine, but Miller was unable to swallow... Read more
Health workers say Title X funds are vital (video)
Gainesville — The recent battle over federal funding for Planned Parenthood is still echoing here. The attempt by congressional Republicans to stop all $327 million of federal Title X money — while targeting Planned Parenthood as an abortion provider — endangered funding for women’s health services at clinics in... Read more

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