Vaccinating homeless patients against COVID-19
People experiencing homelessness are especially vulnerable to disease and often live in close quarters. Reaching them for COVID-19 vaccination is crucial, public health officials say, yet also presents some unique challenges. Addresses and phone numbers change constantly. Few of the people affected have reliable Internet access. Read more
Why the pandemic is much worse than you think
A research team at Columbia University has built a mathematical model that gives a much more complete — and scary — picture of how much virus is circulating in our communities. It estimates how many people are never counted because they never get tested. And it answers a second... Read more
Why N95 masks are still in short supply in U.S.
Today, most consumers still aren’t able to buy N95 masks, because the supply available to retailers remains very limited. Even hospital workers are still being asked to ration and reuse their supplies of N95s, and the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “N-95 respirators should not be... Read more
Mask wearing, social distancing improve, but too slowly
Americans are being more careful to avoid catching and spreading the coronavirus but are still not being careful enough to slow the pandemic, especially with worrisome, apparently more contagious new variants looming. That’s the conclusion of the latest findings, released Friday, from the largest national survey tracking behavior during the coronavirus... Read more
Is Biden’s plan on releasing vaccine worth the risk?
The Biden administration plans to send most of the currently reserved doses out right away, allowing more people to get first doses. For people who’ve gotten initial shots, the Biden team is making a bet that new doses could be manufactured in time to keep booster shots on schedule. Read more

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