Antibody drugs for COVID are cumbersome tool against surges
Monoclonal antibodies can hold the coronavirus in check by mimicking the body’s natural immune defenses. The drugs, produced by Regeneron and Eli Lilly, can keep people with mild to moderate COVID-19 out of the hospital and have emergency authorization for people over 65, as well as others with certain... Read more
Woman gets new windpipe in groundbreaking transplant
A medical team in New York City says it has performed the first complete surgical transplant of a windpipe. The trachea is basically a tube that transports air to and from the lungs, so you might think it would be easy to transplant. But not so. In fact, trachea transplants... Read more
Inside the CDC’s battle to contain the virus
It’s been a long year for basically everyone — and especially for Dr. Henry Walke. For months on end, Walke has been pulling 13-hour work days as the COVID-19 incident response manager at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a job he took on last July. He never expected the... Read more
More Blacks and Latinos embracing vaccination
When COVID-19 vaccines began arriving in Memphis, Tenn., late last year, some Black residents had questions. Did the vaccines cause infertility? Did they alter a person’s DNA? They don’t. And local community leaders worked hard to counter these and other vaccine myths as they came up in public forums around... Read more
High obesity rates in South magnify COVID-19 threat
The sheer prevalence of obesity in the nation was a public health concern long before the coronavirus pandemic — 2 in 3 Americans exceed what is considered a healthy weight, with 42% falling into the obesity range, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But COVID-19 dramatically fast-tracked... Read more

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