Lifting lighter weights can be as effective as heavier ones
A new study finds that people who lift relatively light weights can build just as much strength and muscle size as those who grunt through sessions using much heftier weights — if they plan their workouts correctly. Read more
Coffee may protect against cancer, WHO says
An influential panel of experts convened by the World Health Organization concluded that regularly drinking coffee could protect against at least two types of cancer. Read more
More overdose deaths from anxiety drugs
A new study suggests that anti-anxiety medications now are playing an outsize role in drug overdose deaths. Read more
CDC probes new reports of sexual transmission of Zika
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is investigating 14 new reports of possible sexual transmission of the Zika virus. Read the full article: New York Times Read more
Why we get running injuries — and how to prevent them
A new study suggests that being light on your feet could keep most runners healthy. Read more

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