Hundreds of hospitals needlessly expose patients to radiation by scanning their chests twice on the same day, the New York Times reports, citing Medicare claims. Read more
When do you need to be screened for heart disease? What tests are worth having? Heart experts give advice to consumers in a New York Times “Health Consumer” article. Read more
Researchers have concluded that diabetes drugs that have been around for years are more effective at lowering blood sugar and often work with fewer side effects than the newest drugs. And they often cost just a fraction of the price of newer brand-name drugs, the New York Times reports. Read more
For the wealthy, concierge medicine appears to be growing. But the practice of paying doctors high fees for personalized care also raises important questions about health care in America, the New York Times reports. Read more
Half a million children with autism will become adults in the next 10 years, and  The New York Times notes there are limited services for adults with this disability. Meanwhile, Autism Speaks, an advocacy group, provides a tool kit to help parents navigate this transition. Read more

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