Fitzgerald saw Coca-Cola as ally in anti-obesity fight
The new CDC director finds herself facing a backlash from public health advocates for having accepted $1 million to fight child obesity from a company experts say is a major cause of it. Read the full article: New York Times  Read more
Is chlorine in the swimming pool safe?
We’re vastly better off having pool chemicals than not, and chemically treated pools are generally safe to swim in, especially if they are well maintained and ventilated. Read more
Is sleep aid melatonin safe for kids, adults?
There’s a dearth of safety data for melatonin, but there are a number of potential concerns, especially for children. Read more
Trump’s pick of Price divides physicians
The concerns about Rep. Tom Price voiced by dissident doctors do not appear to imperil his Senate confirmation, but they do ensure that his confirmation hearings next month will be as contentious as any held for a Trump nominee. Read the full article: New York Times Read more
Eye injuries in youth sports surprisingly common
Eye injuries in sports, especially youth sports, are worryingly common and often involve activities that most of us probably would not consider risky for eyes, according to a new nationwide study of emergency room visits. Read more

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