Dentistry at a distance: Filling gaps in southeast Georgia
In the small towns and rural counties of Georgia, telemedicine has become a viable alternative to the shortage of physicians willing to provide health care to a seriously underserved population. With physician assistants and nurse practitioners doing the hands-on work, doctors using computer monitors and specialized medical instruments can diagnose... Read more
For Dr. Mitzi Rubin, a Cobb County family practice physician in mid-career, the cost to convert patients’ medical records electronically may have been the last straw. Not that she resisted the concept – in fact, she was eager to embrace it. “My father practices in the Virgin Islands, and... Read more
The nurse’s offices at two elementary schools in South Georgia are on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to delivering health care in rural areas of America. This fall, the students, faculty and staff returning to school in the small town of Nashville in Berrien County  have access... Read more
Health groups push for cleaner transit options
In the months he has been chairing the roundtable of public officials that will set metro Atlanta’s transportation priorities, Norcross Mayor Bucky Johnson has learned a lot about how the region’s notoriously congested traffic affects community health. He knows about the effects that ground level ozone and fine particulate... Read more
Nursing shortage: A need for faculty, advanced degrees, statistics
It is as predictable as high pollen counts and thunderstorms in the spring. Every few years Georgia — and the rest of the country, for that matter — experiences a severe shortage of nurses. Only this time it’s different, experts say. This time there are no easy solutions — no way to import... Read more

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