A little clinic that has made a difference (video)
Dr. Martha Cottrell was so eager to practice in Athens’ first community clinic for the poor that she volunteered for the job before the clinic even existed. A product of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Model Cities initiative, one of the Great Society programs introduced in the 1960s to reduce... Read more
Deaths of sleeping babies are tragic — and mostly preventable
New parents never lack for reasons to be afraid. And they have some justification: Unlike many animals, whose young can walk or swim within hours, children remain defenseless and vulnerable for years. Polio was the nightmare of parents for generations. But in the 1980s, parents were gripped by a... Read more
Funds for driver’s ed not reaching their destination
State revenues intended to fund driver education for Georgia teens are being spent for other, unrelated purposes. In 2005, the Georgia Legislature passed “Joshua’s Law,” named for a teenager who died after losing control of his truck on a wet road two years earlier. Joshua Brown had never taken... Read more

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