A study suggests an infusion of donor stem cells may free transplant recipients from a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs. Read more
Children and teens are consuming too much added sugar in their diets, according to a new report from the CDC.  Nearly one in every six calories they eat and drink comes from some type of added sugar, a Los Angeles Times article says. Read more
A leading group of pediatricians has warned Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines that an ad that questions vaccines, being aired on some of its flights, is “putting the lives of children at risk,” the Los Angeles Times reports. Read more
New research finds that children who live in homes where at least one person smokes inside the house miss more days of school than kids who live in non-smoking homes, a Los Angeles Times article reports. Read more
A new study finds that patients with a history of heart disease who had recently stopped low-dose aspirin were more likely to have a heart attack, the Los Angeles Times reports. Read more

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