Mental health experts in Georgia say federal spending cuts will weaken a program that trains ordinary citizens to provide “first aid” for a person experiencing a mental health crisis. The December 2012 Connecticut school massacre moved mental health issues up the agenda for the Obama administration and Congress. (Despite... Read more
Georgia’s well water not always as healthy as it tastes
Unlike city folks, who typically pay for water pumped by municipal utilities, many rural homeowners drink from their own wells without worrying about a bill. Such wells are especially common in rural areas such as Morgan County, where roughly 3,700 of 6,538 households are connected to city water systems... Read more
Hospitalists: The specialists whose patients all have beds
Morgan Memorial Hospital in Madison got tired of having so many patients who were just passing through. Too often in the past, the hospital has stabilized newly arrived patients, only to see them quickly bundled off to Athens for further treatment. Ralph Castillo, the administrator for the 25-bed hospital... Read more

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