Music during surgery: Just what the doctor ordered
This article is reprinted with permission from WABE. The last patient of the day lies on the operating table of Dr. Kenneth Neufeld. Time to play some hip-hop. “Oftentimes we change the music at the end of the day to give every one in the room a little bit... Read more
What’s the price tag of a leg amputated as a result of a doctor’s negligence in the operating room? It can easily be $3 million in the United States. In my native Germany, it may be $30,000. That’s a catchy and somewhat unfair comparison, of course. But it points... Read more
It’s been about a year since the United States fully implemented the Affordable Care Act – called by friends and foes “Obamacare.” It’s been about a year since curiosity rose in Europe about the highly contested milestone reform, and since my editors got hungrier by the day for stories... Read more

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