Read the fine print on association health plans
If you own a restaurant, plumbing company or other small business, you may be intrigued by the expected expansion of association health plans under a new rule that got a stamp of approval from the Trump administration last week. Read more
Medicare targets re-hospitalizations of nursing home patients
One in 5 Medicare patients sent from the hospital to a nursing home boomerangs back within 30 days, often for potentially preventable conditions such as dehydration, infections and medication errors, federal records show. Such re-hospitalizations occur 27 percent more frequently than for the Medicare population at large. Read more
Poison ivy can ruin your summer
The tricky thing about avoiding poison ivy, microbiologist John Jelesko said, is the plant is highly adaptable and can take many different forms in different environments. “It’s remarkable,” he said, with a laugh. “There’s just an enormous amount of things with this plant that are currently unknown.” He offers insights... Read more
The cost of a walking boot could sprain your wallet
Under the Affordable Care Act, many insurance plans are required to cover a range of essential services, such as hospitalization and prescription drugs. But reimbursement for certain medical equipment — such as crutches or a leg boot after an injury — varies widely from plan to plan. Read more
Medicare advisers back pay cuts to many freestanding ERs
Often touted as more convenient, less crowded alternatives to hospitals, freestanding ERs often attract suburban walk-in patients with good insurance whose medical problems are less acute than those who visit an emergency room that’s inside a hospital. If a recent MedPAC proposal is adopted, however, some providers predict that the free-standing facilities... Read more

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