Medicare has begun to cover annual depression screenings with no cost sharing for beneficiaries. Read more
Employers are shifting more costs onto workers’ shoulders and trimming or eliminating benefits in disability coverage. This fall, as employers spell out disability insurance options for next year, consumers should evaluate what’s offered and what it will cost, Kaiser Health News reports. Read more
On Friday, the Obama administration cut the premiums by up to 40 percent in special high-risk insurance plans that the federal government is running in 17 states for people with pre-existing medical conditions, Kaiser Health News reports. In Georgia, the premium reduction is 15.5 percent. Read more
Sticker prices and labels for health care? Consumers shopping for an insurance policy will soon get an idea of how much of the cost of a medical condition that the health plan will cover, Kaiser Health News reports. Read more
A New York journalist finds that her ZIP code hampers her quest to find an affordable individual health insurance policy. Read about her plight in Kaiser Health News. Read more

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