Why did her treatment cost 10 times more?
Her cost for each round of injections has been roughly $30 the last few years. And everything is easier and less painful for a bit after each steroid treatment. So, in late summer she masked up and went in for her usual shots. She noticed her doctor’s office had moved... Read more
ALS patients to get quicker access to benefits
People with ALS often must quit their jobs — and sometimes their spouses do, too, to provide care — leaving families in financial distress. A decade-long campaign by advocates highlighting this predicament notched a victory last month when Congress passed a bill opening key support programs earlier for ALS... Read more
IRS lets workers change health plans if employer agrees
You may find yourself in a high-priced health plan you can no longer afford because of a temporary pay cut, be unable to get the medical care you might have planned and budgeted for or not be sending the kids to day care. Normally you’d be stuck with the... Read more
Why consumers should know about ACA case in Supreme Court
More than $12 billion is at stake for the nation’s health insurers Tuesday when the Supreme Court hears a case involving the Affordable Care Act. For the federal government, the potential damages could be far greater, as its reputation as a reliable partner to private businesses is on the line. Unlike... Read more
Trauma surgeon battles bullets in the OR and community
In the ORs at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Dr. Laurie Punch treats gunshot victims, removing bullets that studies show can poison bodies with lead and trigger depression. And in her violence-wracked community, she teaches people how to use tourniquets to stop bleeding, creating a legion of helpers while building trust between... Read more

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