Clean linens are safe linens, and hospitals don’t take them for granted
While thinking about the rough flu season that Georgia had this year, I wondered about something: How do hospitals keep everything running smoothly when they are overwhelmed with patients who are contagious? What about things that have to be changed regularly — like linens, sheets, pillowcases and towels? How do hospitals... Read more
Men need better health care, and DeKalb is helping the ones who need it most
“I’ve always been health-conscious,” said 49-year-old Sean Skeete, who attended the February ribbon-cutting ceremony at the men’s health and wellness clinic in Decatur. Skeete, who lives in Decatur’s Wesley Chapel area, knew he needed a checkup, but had no health insurance ‘’and no place to go,” he told Georgia... Read more
Art for the blind: A serious concept that’s also a lot of fun 
Christopher Morgan, 9 years old, has no sight in one eye, and limited vision in the other. The Douglasville youngster was born with a condition that caused his right eye not to develop at all, and he wears a prosthesis in its place, says his mother, Tee Morgan. The... Read more
Avoiding tragedies: Police try to make the world safer for dementia patients
Imagine being lost at 3 o’clock in the morning, approaching a house you think is your own, and then being fatally shot. That’s what happened to 72-year-old Ronald Westbrook, a man with Alzheimer’s disease who was mistaken for an intruder in Walker County in 2013. The shooter was a homeowner who... Read more
Want medical wishes carried out? You may need a POLST
About five years ago, the staff at a hospital intensive care unit in Augusta placed a tube into the windpipe of 91-year-old Bucilla Stephenson after she went into respiratory distress. Stephenson died several days later, and no one faulted the hospital for that, but the intubation itself led to... Read more

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