Reusable protective gear to the rescue?
The coronavirus crisis has put unprecedented focus on materials that health care workers use to protect themselves — and patients — from infection. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is in short supply across the nation. Health care facilities are scrambling to keep gloves, masks, surgical gowns and face shields in... Read more
Smoked-filled rooms — where surgery is done
Brenda Ulmer, a longtime operating room nurse, was walking to her car after one of her shifts when she suddenly realized she didn’t feel well. “My chest felt tight, my throat hurt, my nose was burning,” recalls Ulmer, who lives in the Atlanta suburb of Snellville. She was feeling sick... Read more
Child’s hip problems highlight a little-known issue    
At 3 years old, Sarah Davis was a typically rambunctious child. But one day when she leaped onto the family sofa and plopped into her favorite position, the maneuver resulted in a piercing pain that struck without warning. “We didn’t know what was wrong, we just knew she was... Read more
All in the family: Relatives serving vital role as caregivers
Aisha Adkins wasn’t planning on a role as caregiver. But then her mother, Rose, was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder eight years ago. There were some noticeable signs as the condition developed, but the first two diagnoses missed the mark, says Adkins, 35, of Dunwoody. The correct diagnosis... Read more
CBD oil as medicine: The promise and the risks 
Metro Atlanta resident Becky Ferguson says she started using non-addictive cannabis oil because she hoped it would ease her chronic pain. The result was not quite what she expected. “It might have helped a little bit , but I am getting a tremendous reduction in anxiety,” says Ferguson,... Read more

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