Dental care for seniors — a need that goes largely unfilled
Johnnie Collier, 71, recently went to Mercy Care’s downtown Atlanta facility to have a tooth extracted. He said it had been hurting him for many years. Another patient, David Perlete, 63, who is uninsured, also had a painful tooth pulled there. Other facilities charge hundreds of dollars, he said.... Read more
Crisis line: An innovative way to keep the public safe and informed
Planning ahead for a public health emergency is a daunting task. From the H1N1 flu to West Nile virus, or even a possible biohazard, each state is mandated to have a plan in place. Every state must inform its citizens when the public’s health is at risk. In Georgia,... Read more
“It’s about people,” said U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat. Johnson was referring to proposed legislation (H.R. 1507) to provide enhanced services for those affected by dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. It’s the Health Outcomes, Planning, and Education Act, also known as the HOPE Act. If passed, the bill would provide Medicare... Read more
Pleasing the patient gets new priority under health reform
The ultimate goal of patient-centered care is to heal the patient. But the Affordable Care Act has begun linking hospital reimbursements partly to patients’ satisfaction — how they feel about their experience. In a Gallup Business Journal article, Jennifer Robison says the health care industry is concerned about the... Read more
Georgia nurses are concerned that lack of funding for their state licensing board will create problems in protecting patients from an impaired, unlicensed or dangerous nurse. A new law that goes into effect Monday will require nurses to report suspected professional violations to the Georgia Board of Nursing. But... Read more

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