A time of need: Foundation provides lodging for families of transplant patients
By Judi Kanne At 23, Jeff Evans was 6 feet 4 inches tall, athletic and known for his charming personality. He was enjoying life, until his health suddenly began to fail. Even at his young age, Jeff was already a 4-star chef in metro Atlanta, and his mother recalls... Read more
COVID isolation, anxiety ‘really reinforce’ eating disorders
By Judi Kanne The COVID-19 pandemic has proved a perfect storm for eating disorders, experts say. Lockdowns to limit the spread of infection have made Americans more isolated from one another while increasing their anxiety. Psychologists say the emotional impact of that has driven many people into binge eating... Read more
Innovative surgery changes life for girl with scoliosis
By Judi Kanne Henry County resident Audrey Benford was 10 when she arrived at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in December 2018, after her pediatrician diagnosed her with scoliosis. The news that she would have to wear a back brace to help correct a curvature in her spine was about the... Read more
Reusable protective gear to the rescue?
The coronavirus crisis has put unprecedented focus on materials that health care workers use to protect themselves — and patients — from infection. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is in short supply across the nation. Health care facilities are scrambling to keep gloves, masks, surgical gowns and face shields in... Read more
Smoked-filled rooms — where surgery is done
Brenda Ulmer, a longtime operating room nurse, was walking to her car after one of her shifts when she suddenly realized she didn’t feel well. “My chest felt tight, my throat hurt, my nose was burning,” recalls Ulmer, who lives in the Atlanta suburb of Snellville. She was feeling sick... Read more

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