Medicaid expansion is a proven loser, so don’t fall for it
The chaos that continues to engulf the health care debate in Washington, D.C.. reaffirms the assertion that states must forge their own paths to protect the most vulnerable people in their communities. But too many states have turned to an expansion of Medicaid through Obamacare as a solution —... Read more
Veto will have painful consequences for rural patients
Rural Georgians are once again bearing the brunt of myopic health care policy decisions coming from Atlanta. On Tuesday, just days after the Jenkins County Hospital closure announcement, a bill designed to restore delegated prescriptive authority to Georgia’s board-certified physician assistants (PAs) treating painful injuries and other medical emergencies... Read more
Don’t fall for the Arkansas model of Medicaid expansion
In ancient Greek mythology, Pandora opened a box just a little bit to see what was there and unleashed terrible evils she never expected. Expanding Medicaid under Obamacare — no matter what name or form the expansion takes — would be opening a Pandora’s box that Georgians would forever... Read more
Professor Erin C. Fuse Brown’s Orwellian defense of a counter-textual interpretation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) regarding eligibility for federal tax subsidies would invite an epidemic of lawlessness throughout the Executive Branch. She would torture the word “State” to include “federal government” to promote health care policies she... Read more

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