Why do some Georgia women live so long?
Late last year, when Maggie Katie Brown Kidd of Clayton County celebrated her 114th birthday, news reports described her as the oldest living Georgian, the oldest living African-American and the 10th-oldest person in the world. She’s been moving up since then. A recent check of online resources about supercentenarians... Read more
The longest life of any president — or any Georgia governor
Former President Jimmy Carter, a Georgian, is in the news for a health milestone: As of Thursday, he has lived longer than any other president in our history — 94 years and 172 days. He surpasses another former president, George H.W. Bush. who died this past November at 94 years and... Read more
Health facts about Georgia that may surprise you
Some health stories from Georgia are not particularly big or particularly new. But that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting. Here are a few things we think are worth noting, with illustrations to help you remember them. The founder with a big heart: James Oglethorpe’s concern for public health was one... Read more
Commentary: Don’t be lured into Medicaid expansion
In the past few years, most states have expanded their Medicaid rolls under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Georgia’s executive and legislative leaders have stood adamantly against doing so, saying it would be too costly. Lately, some states have worked out arrangements with the federal government... Read more
A Memorial Day message
Memorial Day is our most solemn national holiday. Though current service members and military veterans are often prominent in the ceremonies, the real purpose of the day is to honor America’s war dead. And the ranks of those dead are still growing. At Georgia Health News, we find it... Read more

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