Helping youths (and their families) cope with mental illness
The sudden onset of psychosis hits  the patient’s family like a bomb. And when counselor Will Warren meets with parents facing the worst moment of their lives, he emphasizes two things:  (1) This is not easy. (2) You’re not alone. A psychotic episode is a sudden, terrifying break with... Read more
A clubhouse for learning gives hope to kids with mental illness
This is the fourth in a series of articles about health care in Southwest Georgia, an area of the state that has great health needs and challenges, but also some innovative approaches to such problems. The series is the product of a collaboration between Georgia Health News and the... Read more
Accountability court helps offenders with mental illness rebuild lives
This week, Emmanuel Ellison celebrated a “birthday” that mattered more to him than the real 40th birthday that he will celebrate in May. April 12 marked three years of sobriety for Ellison after decades of heavy drinking, committing petty crimes and felonies, and experiencing unexplained extremes in mood and energy, which he... Read more

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