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Partnership considered between NE Georgia, Habersham Medical
Northeast Georgia Health System and <strong>Habersham</strong> Medical Center are again talking about a possible partnership. Read the full article: Gainesville Times... Read more
Northeast Georgia investing $15 million into Habersham hospital
The Northeast Georgia Health System will be investing $15 million in <strong>Habersham</strong> Medical Center with hopes of buying the hospital after five years. Read the full article: Gainesville Times... Read more
Why does telehealth fail to catch on in some schools?
...shut down. Four <strong>Habersham</strong> County schools &mdash; Cornelia Elementary, Wilbanks Middle School, South <strong>Habersham</strong> Middle School and <strong>Habersham</strong> Ninth Grade Academy &mdash; ended their telehealth programs last year. That lack... Read more
An unusual financial arrangement has taken <strong>Habersham</strong> Medical Center in Demorest off the critical list. In a deal with the local hospital authority, <strong>Habersham</strong> County has agreed to make monthly... Read more
Rural hospitals: A new crisis on top of the old one
...areas are postponing elective surgeries &ndash; even though such operations are a profitable part of their business. Among these facilities is <strong>Habersham</strong> Medical Center in Demorest. The nonprofit hospital has... Read more

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