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Remembering colleague and friend Judi Kanne
...please consider contributions to the Lewy Body Dementia Association or the Georgia Nurses Association. Some of Judi Kanne&rsquo;s work for Georgia Health News: https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2019/07/harmonizing-health-choir-parkinsons-patients/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2019/05/essential-oils-popular-pose-risk-kids/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2020/03/smoked-filled-rooms-surgery/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2018/07/clean-linens-safe-linens-hospitals-granted/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2020/08/pandemic-really-reinforces-eating-disorders/ &nbsp; &nbsp;... Read more
Lives lost amid ER violations, investigation finds
...http://<strong>www</strong> Staying safe at the hospital: http://<strong>www</strong> From CMS: Hospital <strong>Com</strong>pare: https://<strong>www</strong> &nbsp; &nbsp; Sources for &lsquo;Lives lost&rsquo;: Mary Strickland, wife of Randy Strickland, Jacksonville, AR. Centers for Medicare &amp;... Read more
...high school students has taken a <strong>prescription</strong> drug <strong>without</strong> a <strong>doctor</strong>&rsquo;s <strong>prescription</strong>. The survey asked if they&rsquo;d ever taken a drug such as OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, Adderall, Ritalin or Xanax,... Read more
Trained to be a doctor, but held back by red tape
...experts believe that foreign-trained <strong>doctor</strong>s such as Ghaini could fill a portion of that gap. There could be as many as 65,000 foreign-trained <strong>doctor</strong>s living in the U.S. <strong>without</strong> American... Read more (as opposed to letting a <strong>doctor</strong> call in the <strong>prescription</strong>), and they would allow fewer refills before the patient is required to get another <strong>prescription</strong>. Dr. Janet Woodcock, director... Read more

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