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Deaths of Despair: Two Georgia counties show stark contrast
...Jill Mays, director <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> Behavi<strong>oral Health</strong> Prevention at the Georgia Department <strong>of</strong> Behavi<strong>oral Health</strong> and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), told me part <strong>of</strong> the state&rsquo;s five-year strategy <strong>for</strong>... Read more
Another COVID risk: Home health care workers who are not vaccinated
...and his wife have been vaccinated, but given the fragile state <strong>of</strong> her <strong>health</strong>, any COVID infection could prove fatal <strong>for</strong> her, he said. &ldquo;With her, if she gets anything... Read more
The coal plant next door
...standards, as well as dozens <strong>of</strong> other newly reported cases <strong>of</strong> water contamination. <strong>Com</strong>munities from Faulkner, Maryland, to Velva, North Dakota, were grappling with the consequences <strong>of</strong> coal ash. Regulators... Read more
Nursing home exec’s loophole may haunt Georgia
...asked Georgia&rsquo;s Department <strong>of Com</strong>munity <strong>Health for</strong> an opinion. After a &ldquo;<strong>health</strong>y debate,&rdquo; according to one <strong>for</strong>mer top <strong>of</strong>ficial, DCH approved Rollins&rsquo; plan &mdash; so long as the department received... Read more
What a controversial list says about nonprofit hospitals’ charity record
...<strong>com</strong>munities that are critically important, especially during the pandemic,&rdquo; said Rick Pollack, president and CEO <strong>of</strong> the hospital association. Lewin Dr. Jonathan Lewin, CEO <strong>of</strong> Emory <strong>Health</strong>care, said that &ldquo;while... Read more

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