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Remembering colleague and friend Judi Kanne
...please consider contributions to the Lewy Body Dementia Association or the Georgia Nurses Association. Some of Judi Kanne&rsquo;s work for Georgia Health News: https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2019/07/harmonizing-health-choir-parkinsons-patients/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2019/05/essential-oils-popular-pose-risk-kids/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2020/03/smoked-filled-rooms-surgery/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2018/07/clean-linens-safe-linens-hospitals-granted/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2020/08/pandemic-really-reinforces-eating-disorders/ &nbsp; &nbsp;... Read more
Clearing the air? State’s actions on toxic emissions leave confusion
...<strong>order</strong> that allows the <strong>com</strong>pany to make the changes. Jordan The <strong>order</strong> was never posted for public <strong>com</strong>ment as required by law, said Jordan, the state senator. Under Rule 391-1-3.01... Read more
Staying home: What Kemp’s shelter-in-place order will mean
...30,000. As of 7 p.m., Georgia reported 5,444 COVID-19 cases and 176 deaths. The virus that threatens the world As of Thursday, at least 297 million people in at least... Read more
N.C.-based Atrium clinches deal for another Georgia hospital system
...the city, Redmond Regional Medical Center, from HCA. The latest deal <strong>com</strong>es shortly after President Biden <strong>order</strong>ed the Federal Trade <strong>Com</strong>mission and the Department of Justice to review hospital mergers... Read more
BD agrees to new state requirements to curb ethylene oxide emissions hear arguments on the state&rsquo;s motion for a temporary restraining <strong>order</strong> and injunction against BD. BD plant in Covington The restraining <strong>order</strong> would have shut down the <strong>com</strong>pany&rsquo;s sterilization... Read more

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