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Deaths of Despair: Two Georgia counties show stark contrast care system, governments and aid programs. He has observed that these attitudes <strong>com</strong>e bundled, not one-by-one. If <strong>you</strong> were anti-mask and anti-vaccine, it was more likely <strong>you</strong> were also... Read more
School mask policies: A study in contrasts
...a high school and a <strong>com</strong>bined middle-high school. About half of the students are white, 43% are Afri<strong>can</strong>-Ameri<strong>can</strong> and 7 percent are Hispanic. The school district had four months to... Read more
The coal plant next door the family&rsquo;s property for $218,750, a stunning amount <strong>com</strong>pared to the average four-figure price for an acre of land in the area. The property belonged to Gloria Dorsett, Andrea&rsquo;s... Read more
Remembering colleague and friend Judi Kanne
...please consider contributions to the Lewy Body Dementia Association or the Georgia Nurses Association. Some of Judi Kanne&rsquo;s work for Georgia Health News: https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2019/07/harmonizing-health-choir-parkinsons-patients/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2019/05/essential-oils-popular-pose-risk-kids/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2020/03/smoked-filled-rooms-surgery/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2018/07/clean-linens-safe-linens-hospitals-granted/ https://<strong>www</strong>.georgiahealthnews.<strong>com</strong>/2020/08/pandemic-really-reinforces-eating-disorders/ &nbsp; &nbsp;... Read more
What’s preventing Georgia Medicaid kids getting referrals to care?
...corrective <strong>treat</strong>ment; and North Carolina, <strong>with</strong> 1.3 million eligible kids, referring 84,000 for specialized care. And Alabama, <strong>with</strong> just 668,000 eligible for EPSDT &ndash; less than half of Georgia&rsquo;s total... Read more

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