Women in many rural counties are having to drive long distances to deliver their babies.

Commentary: Helping pregnant workers 

Georgia is among 20 states that does not have a policy guaranteeing reasonable workplace accommodations for pregnancy and childbirth.

That means pregnant workers who simply need a stool to sit on, drinking water to stay hydrated, or temporary relief from heavy lifting are vulnerable to termination, says Amber Mack in a new GHN Commentary.


Lawmakers at both the state and federal levels “now have an opportunity to ensure that no pregnant worker has to make the impossible choice between protecting her health and paying her bills,’’ says Mack, research & policy analyst at Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia.

“Reasonable, low-cost accommodations such as adequate water, food breaks, and access to a seat during the workday help women stay on the job and support healthy pregnancies,’’ she writes, urging support for some specific legislative proposals.

Here’s a link to her Commentary.