Doctor’s Column: Helping young opioid addicts recover

The word “opioid” is not new, and neither are the drugs it describes.

Dr. Michael Fishman
Dr. Michael Fishman

But what was once mostly a clinical term is now frighteningly familiar to average people as America grapples with an epidemic of opioid addiction.

In a new GHN Doctor’s Column, Dr. Michael Fishman notes that Georgia’s overdose deaths from opioids are higher than average. And he argues that young adult abusers of these drugs need a different treatment approach to getting sober.

“Experts in addiction treatment generally recognize that young adults find achieving sobriety more difficult than their adult counterparts do,’’ writes Fishman, a nationally recognized leader in treating young adults with addiction. “Also, they are experiencing significant life changes and are subject to intense peer pressure.”

Here’s a link to his Doctor’s Column.

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