A new era? Pandemic boosts telemedicine
Editor’s Note: Chances are that if you have needed routine medical care during the pandemic, you received it in front of a computer screen. But telemedicine couldn’t help what ailed me recently. After having my temperature taken outside the office, I arrived in a near-empty waiting room. Soon a... Read more
Living with anxiety amid fallout from a pandemic
By Naomi Thomas and Andy Miller Becca loved her job in the travel-and-tourism industry, but few industries have been so thoroughly decimated during the COVID-19 pandemic. A 31-year-old metro Atlanta resident, Becca watched helplessly this year as the devastation deepened, and it eventually reached her company. She was furloughed... Read more
Georgia gets promising COVID drug; pediatric patients in Atlanta studied for virus link
Story updated Georgia has received a federal shipment of a promising drug to treat seriously ill COVID-19 patients, Gov. Brian Kemp announced Tuesday. “We have received 30 cases with 40 vials of the drug per case, and we will be working with officials in the Department of Public Health... Read more
A strange, difficult time to study medicine
By Andi Clements  Ally Freeman, who’s pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy at Georgia Southern University in Savannah, used to spend about nine hours a week getting hands-on experience in a classroom or a lab. That was before the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted daily life around the globe... Read more
Blacks bearing brunt of COVID-19 across state, Morehouse study shows
The higher the percentage of blacks in a Georgia county’s population, the higher the county’s COVID-19 rate is, a Morehouse School of Medicine study has found. The school’s analysis of Georgia data comes at a time when various reports are pointing to a disproportionate share of the viral disease among... Read more

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