West Nile cases finally drop in Georgia, but virus still a danger
The number of West Nile virus cases, which has been alarmingly high, is finally declining in Georgia. State officials said this week that while August saw 18 cases of West Nile, there were just six cases in September. Overall, Georgia reports 37 cases of the disease this year, with five deaths. Department... Read more
Study: ACA may be factor in improved HPV vaccination rates
Human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. It’s so common that the CDC estimates most people will contract it at some point in their lives, and recommends all 11- and 12-year-olds get vaccinated. The most dangerous strains can cause cervical and other cancers. But HPV... Read more
Sick Georgians swamped by medical bills seek help wherever they can find it
Crowdfunding now a major force in health care, but the competition for sympathy can be tough Maurice Tanner has some good days, but many more bad ones. On the bad days, he’s depressed and tired. “I cry a lot,” he says, in a soft, almost apologetic tone. On a... Read more
Commentary: A way to make healthy food more available
Georgians who are poor are challenged on many fronts. One area that often proves difficult is finding healthy food that’s affordable. But Georgia Fresh for Less is making that happen. In a new GHN Commentary, Sara Berney of Wholesome Wave Georgia describes how the Fresh For Less program doubles... Read more
It’s our goal to make fresh, healthy food an everyday affair
 Though summer is over, the “season” for local, farm-fresh food is still in full swing. And while affluent foodies in Georgia have an abundance of local produce options nearly year-round, these options are sometimes not feasible for those who live at or below the poverty line. Fresh fruits and... Read more

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