Got that shot yet? Flu season could be rough here, data show
This flu season in Georgia and the South is shaping up to be harsher than the last one. Georgia is one of seven states overall — most of them in the Southeast — that have reported “widespread’’ flu activity, according to a new CDC report, tracking the week ending Dec.... Read more
Personal blog: It’s eye surgery, and I’m the patient
More than 3 million cataract surgeries are being performed this year in the United States. Today it’s my turn. I had felt something was wrong over the past year as the vision in my right eye turned partly cloudy. But it took a recent mishap — when I broke a... Read more
Possible bright spot in Georgia’s grim infant mortality picture
Georgia’s infant mortality rate has risen over the last few years while the national rate has flattened or declined, Department of Public Health statistics show. In 2010, 6.3 Georgia babies for every 1,000 live births died within their first year of life. By 2015, that number had increased to... Read more
Art for the blind: A serious concept that’s also a lot of fun 
Christopher Morgan, 9 years old, has no sight in one eye, and limited vision in the other. The Douglasville youngster was born with a condition that caused his right eye not to develop at all, and he wears a prosthesis in its place, says his mother, Tee Morgan. The... Read more
New U.S. attorney targeting opioid crisis
The illegal use of prescription painkillers is decreasing, but heroin and synthetic fentanyl have grown in popularity among drug users here, says the new U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. BJay Pak, who took over as U.S. attorney last month, told GHN on Tuesday that fighting the... Read more

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