Commentary: A hidden danger on campus
Meningitis is a disease that can be fatal, and infections often occur in young adults. Yet many college students aren’t vaccinated for meningitis B, which accounts for about 40 percent of cases, says Dr. Mitzi Rubin of Marietta. In a new GHN Commentary, Rubin says that “parents may think... Read more
Parents: Make sure your students are protected from meningitis B
As both a family physician and a mom, I know that the to-do list for parents is often a long one. And if you’re the parent of a high school or college student, you might not think about making sure your student is up to date on vaccines. But... Read more
Another legislative battle looms over dental hygienist bill
A South Georgia elementary school has three dental chairs set up for kids who don’t have a regular dentist. But those chairs at Turner County Elementary School in Ashburn have sat vacant for the past three years, even though many kids there need dental care, says Brenda Lee of... Read more
The human face — and the uncertain politics — of Medicaid expansion
Kay Rogers had been a bus driver in Georgia for several years when she had a heart attack in 2012. She was suffering from congestive heart failure, a chronic illness that meant eventually she couldn’t keep working the same number of hours. She was terminated from her job. Unemployed,... Read more
Georgia’s Top 10 health care stories in 2016
Here is GHN’s list of the top Georgia health care stories during 2016. Let us know what you think — and what we missed !    1. The election of Donald Trump as president, and his pick of Tom Price as HHS chief, signaled the likely repeal of the ACA Republican Trump’s surprising... Read more

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