Lying on the floor unconscious, choking from food blocking her airway, Kimberly Glen’s life depended on her 12-year-old daughter Kinsey and the woman giving instructions over the phone. The story has a happy ending, but it underscores the importance of CPR and the need to learn it before there’s... Read more
Specter of maternal mortality remains grim
The United States ranks 50th among countries in maternal mortality – worse than any other economically developed country. And when the U.S. states are compared, Georgia comes in at or near the bottom of the barrel. Regardless of whether Georgia has the highest rate of maternal death in the... Read more
HIV in an unexpected place: A quiet epidemic in SW Georgia
This is the ninth in a series of articles about health care in Southwest Georgia, an area of the state that has great health needs and challenges, but also some innovative approaches to such problems. The series is the product of a collaboration between Georgia Health News and the... Read more
CDC chief Frieden says Zika fight needs funding now
The director of the CDC on Thursday repeated his call for Congress to approve emergency funding to fight Zika, saying the delay in that appropriation “is impeding our ability to protect American women from this virus.” The agency’s priority ‘’is to protect pregnant women,’’ Dr. Tom Frieden, the head of the... Read more
Flight doctors’ critical role: Ensuring pilots are fit for duty
News stories of possible terrorism in the skies and long waits on the ground are grabbing the headlines as summer air travel heats up. Lingering in the background are ongoing discussions of pilot health and its impact on airline safety. The issue jumped to the forefront last spring when the co-pilot of a... Read more

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