Years of large-scale drug thefts reported at an Emory hospital
Two pharmacy employees at Emory University Hospital Midtown illegally diverted more than 1 million doses of controlled drugs in a scheme that lasted more than four years, according to a Georgia Board of Pharmacy consent order. Details of the thefts came to light in the consent order with the... Read more
Effective weapon against HIV is surprisingly little known
When actor Charlie Sheen went public with his HIV status late last year, Cathryn Lapka hoped his announcement would ignite a 21st century conversation about HIV – and its prevention – in America. But she was disappointed. Sheen was already notorious for his reckless, bizarre behavior, which he now... Read more
Various health bills advance under Gold Dome
After two testy committee hearings, a Georgia House health panel passed a bill Tuesday that would allow dental hygienists to practice in safety-net settings without a dentist present. The House Health and Human Services Committee vote came after agreement between the hygienists and the Georgia Dental Association on provisions... Read more
A pharmacist finds his niche at a service-oriented site
Revelations can happen anywhere. Georgia pharmacist Garrett Strawn’s flash of awareness came in a fairly mundane setting. He was in a glassed-in pharmacy at the rear of a big chain store in Rome. He was flanked by shelves loaded with pills and tablets, creams and ointments, injectables and inhalers... Read more
Shots at the pharmacy — a growing trend in Georgia
A state law that’s been in place for less than six months has improved access to key vaccines for Georgia adults. The legislation allows pharmacists and nurses to administer vaccines for influenza, pneumococcal disease, shingles and meningitis.  This is a big development for Georgia pharmacists, who have been administering... Read more

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