Tom Price to advise Jackson Healthcare
Dr. Tom Price, largely out of the public eye since resigning as U.S. health secretary, has been named to the advisory board of an Alpharetta-based company. Jackson Healthcare is the third-largest U.S. health care staffing company, with nearly $1 billion in revenue. “Nobody has as profound an understanding of... Read more
Sudden meat allergy may come from surprising source
It all started with a chili dog: A beef frankfurter laid across a doughy white bun, with beans and a bit more beef strewn across the top. Plus a few onions sprinkled around, along with squiggly lines of mustard and ketchup. Carole Cape had the tasty dog during lunch... Read more
House panel urges big changes to stop decline of rural health care
An influential task force of Georgia House members has approved a set of bold proposals to bolster rural health care in the state. The recommendations from the House Rural Development Council include expanding insurance coverage through a Medicaid “waiver’’ project and making a fundamental change in the state’s licensing... Read more
When you like your health plan . . .  but it’s no longer available
Kathy Brooke of Smyrna is facing a major hassle at a time in her life when she wants fewer problems, not more. The recently diagnosed cancer patient is going to have to get a new doctor at the start of the new year. Many consumers — whether with work-based... Read more
Personal blog: It’s eye surgery, and I’m the patient
More than 3 million cataract surgeries are being performed this year in the United States. Today it’s my turn. I had felt something was wrong over the past year as the vision in my right eye turned partly cloudy. But it took a recent mishap — when I broke a... Read more

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