Bill on testing newborns for Krabbe set to become law
A bill to offer optional testing of Georgia newborns for Krabbe disease, a rare genetic disorder, is heading to Gov. Nathan Deal for his signature. The state Senate on Friday unanimously passed House Bill 241, named Cove’s Law, for 19-month-old Cove Ellis, a Georgia child recently diagnosed with Krabbe... Read more
‘Dry needling’ gives pain sufferers another alternative
Troy Tribble, 41, turned to “dry needling’’ to ease his back pain and spasms. He’s had several sessions. Each time his physical therapist works on a different area. For Tribble, of Suwanee, it has made a world of difference. The change he has experienced is “in my pain level and... Read more
House panel OKs new plan to halt ‘surprise’ bills; doctors voice opposition
The House Insurance Committee on Monday passed revamped legislation to reduce “surprise billing,’’ in which patients using hospitals in their insurance network may still get unexpected bills from doctors who are not in the network. Consumers who have procedures or visit ERs at hospitals in their networks often get separate bills... Read more
The X-ray factor: Image technicians enjoy strong job market
Nearly everyone has undergone an X-ray or MRI, whether it’s a screening mammogram or an examination of a bone that might be broken, and demand for these tests is growing as Georgians age. That means an excellent job market for people who have the right temperament and who are... Read more
Krabbe screening bill moves closer to law
A state Senate health committee Thursday approved a bill to offer optional testing of Georgia newborns for Krabbe disease, a rare genetic disorder. The form of Krabbe that strikes newborns is caused by a change, or mutation, in the gene that carries the blueprints for an enzyme called galactosylceramidase,... Read more

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