Independent vs. employed: The doctor career decision
Dr. Eddie Richardson practices medicine in two different physician worlds. On the one hand, he’s an independent doctor working in a family medicine practice in Eatonton, east of Atlanta. Meanwhile, Richardson also is employed part time by a local hospital as a “hospitalist,’’ working 20 shifts a month. So,... Read more
Will $100 million sports medicine center get OK from Georgia?
Since 2015, America’s leading sports medicine doctor and his investment partners have sought to build a $100 million facility in Alpharetta that would create 500 jobs. But Georgia appears to be running out of time to get the project done. The surgery center and training center, envisioned as the... Read more
Senate panel OKs ‘surprise’ medical billing legislation
The effort to reduce “surprise’’ medical bills in Georgia took another key step Thursday with legislation passing a Senate health committee. Senate Bill 359 is similar to but broader than a proposal that has already passed the House. The Senate version has provisions on payment for non-network medical services... Read more
Bill to allow nurses expanded powers gets watered down
The original proposal would have let advanced nurses work more independently in rural areas of Georgia. But by the time Senate Bill 351 passed a legislative committee Tuesday, the rural focus had been dropped entirely. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee approved legislation relating to advanced practice registered nurses... Read more
The attestation albatross: Some doctors lose Medicaid funds due to ‘bizarre’ pay problem
Dr. Patrick Pulliam, a Stockbridge pediatrician, moved to a new, bigger medical office last year. The new site is in the same town as the old one, and in fact the two locations are only a half-mile apart. But the switch is costing Pulliam money. He’s getting paid substantially... Read more

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