Doctor’s Column: Helping young opioid addicts recover
The word “opioid” is not new, and neither are the drugs it describes. But what was once mostly a clinical term is now frighteningly familiar to average people as America grapples with an epidemic of opioid addiction. In a new GHN Doctor’s Column, Dr. Michael Fishman notes that Georgia’s... Read more
Young victims of the opioid epidemic need specialized strategies
Just a few years ago, the words “opioid epidemic” would have raised moderate public concern at best. Now, not a day goes by without news reports citing the latest statistics on overdose deaths and the most recent political initiative to combat the raging trend in drug abuse. The numbers... Read more
Commentary: Make primary care a priority
Georgia ranks among the bottom 10 states in the number of primary care physicians per 100,000 population. And low payments for these doctors nationally led to a smaller percentage of general medicine residents choosing to practice primary care last year, notes Dr. Deep Shah, who’s about to begin a... Read more
Support your local quarterback — the primary care physician
I grew up in Georgia and always dreamed of playing high school football. Unfortunately, neither my DNA nor my mom shared that vision. But now, I’ll finally have my chance to play quarterback. This month, I will complete my medical training and begin practicing as a primary care physician... Read more
Med school explores venture capital as tool of innovation
Just a week ago, the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, which has a suburban Atlanta campus, announced a $5 million venture capital fund aimed to spark innovation in primary care. In just seven days, the PCOM fund has fielded more than 10 queries, PCOM officials told GHN. “We’re really... Read more

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