Clay County: A lot of impoverished patients . . . and one dedicated doctor
This is the first in a series of articles about health care in Southwest Georgia, an area of the state that has great health needs and challenges, but also some innovative approaches to such problems. The series is the product of a collaboration between Georgia Health News and the... Read more
Bill aims to erase errors in insurers’ medical directories
Open enrollment can bring a big decision for consumers: Which health coverage plan do I choose? And much of that decision is based on whether the consumer’s favorite doctor or hospital is part of a plan’s network. But if the available listings of health plan providers are not accurate,... Read more
Doctors welcome latest move on Medicaid pay
State lawmakers’ move to inject $26 million into the Medicaid budget for doctor pay raises would help strengthen Georgia’s medical safety net, physicians say. The House recently voted for the pay hike in the fiscal 2017 state budget. If the Senate and Gov. Nathan Deal agree with the House... Read more
Killing CON? Repeal bill will face fight
A bill just introduced in the General Assembly would scrap the state’s current health care regulatory apparatus, known as certificate of need or CON. Georgia’s CON laws play a crucial role in health care facility construction and services across the state. House Bill 1055 has sent tremors through Georgia’s... Read more
Living with disability helps steer young doctor into fascinating specialty
Editor’s note: Five and a half years ago, Hammad Aslam started medical school in Athens, and his story appeared then in Georgia Health News. This is an update of his medical journey. A video is included below. Hammad Aslam has always wanted to be a doctor. He knew that... Read more

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